pátek 3. srpna 2012

Sigh No More


Chtěl bych, abyste věděli o tomto blogu - http://assiststudents.wordpress.com/. Na tuto stránku bude psát hrstka stipendistů, kteří zažijí stejný rok, ale v různých státech Ameriky. Samozřejmě tam píši i já, takže se tam můžete občas taky kouknout. Dnes jsem publikoval svůj první článek, jednoduchý, přemýšlící. Publikuji pod přezdívkou lucgondek.

Twelve days left. The suitcases are almost full and ready to leave with me. Together with my mind, they are full of my life and memories. It feels so strange to realize I won’t be here in my room, in my school, in my city for so long. How many things will change? How much my friends and family will change? How much will I change?
So many people are excited to come to the new country. Not that I am not, I am just scared a lot too. I’m scared of classic exchange student problems as well as my own problems. I’m scared of not realizing that I am just living my dream in time. What if the year will pass just too fast?
I am excited to start speaking in English, to think in English, to have dreams in English. I am excited to tell my hosts about my country and give them my presents. I am excited to go to the beach, to go to the mall. I can’t wait to visit American Starbucks and other places – those are just details but those details made me want to spend a part of my life in there. In the country beyond the ocean. In the United States of America.